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Boots & Bells offers to our members 4H, state, and county horse shows. Shown with their own show horses or one of our lesson horses. The shows we go to is determined by Abby Penton, and so is the discipline of what classes you show in. whether it be riding English saddleseat, English hunt seat, western pleasure, driving, and/or halter.  Our show schedule for 2016 is coming soon! please check the show schedule for updates!

4H Horse program


It is a "learn by doing" that helps youth to develop responsibility, work ethics, self esteem, sportsmanship, and horse skills. Members progress at their own level, and can choose which 4H events they wish to participate in. Horse shows and competition can enhance the learning process and youth can demonstrate their skills and knowledge.

4H horse shows include horse junior judging, horse bowl, hippology, individual presentation, team presentation, and public speaking contest. 4H state fair shows offers showmanship, English and western equitation, trail, dressage, hunt seat equitation over fences, driving, colt training and gaming events. Additional 4H horse events may be offered at the county level.


The Boots & Bells 4H program will be lead by Abby Penton and assisted by Kati Mayer.  Owning your horse is not require for joining and participating in the club, but lessons are encouraged. We will be hosting monthly meetings at our facility. These meetings will indicate what projects we will plan, such as fundraisers, field trips, goals, clinics, shows, etc...    

Please contact us for more information about 4H and sign up!


Our training is 6 days a week between 1-2 hours. Whether you're wanting some ground manners, breaking out a colt, getting your horse better at commands or getting them ready for the show season, we do it all. We train western pleasure, trails, barrels, English saddleseat, hunt, jumping, halter and carting. Training also includes one lesson per week for you! Call for more information.

Individual training session. These sessions last 45 minutes long set by appointment. ......................................................................$20.00 per session

Outside boarding and training...................$700.00 (Monthly)

Inside boarding and training.......................$800.00 (Monthly)

Our Lesson program

Our lesson program is designed to teach our students the proper way on how to take care of a horse, groom and the proper equipment to ride with, riding safety, warming up their horse (or lesson horse), learning the steps of basic, intermediate and advance riding, along with everything there is to know about  horsemanship. 

Our lessons start out in private one-on-one with one of the trainers. After they are controlling and steering their horse by themselves, they are ready for group lessons where they learn to ride with other riders and horses. 

Once a week or once a month depending on demand there will be a 30 minute lesson offered teaching about horses, their care and their tack.  For all students in 4H, those who show, and 'regulars' this will be mandatory every 5th lesson.  For all others it is highly recommended and fun!  If you would like to ride before or after you will need to have scheduled it with Abby before hand.  We will try to get you fit in if you change your mind the day of the non-riding lesson but cannot guarantee a riding lesson if not scheduled in advance.  

 Lessons are $40 dollars for a single one hour lesson. We also offer a package deal of $160 dollars for four one hour lessons with an extra fifth lesson free of charge. Lessons are biweekly, weekly or twice a week open Monday through Saturday. Please contact us for appointment!

Lesson deals and pricing:

Little Riders: These lessons are for ages 2-4 years old. They get to learn all the brushes and groom a horse, followed by riding that the will either be (depending on the rider's capabilities of steering) lead around with lead rope and halter, or steer by themselves with headstall and reigns. These lessons take 30 minutes................................................ $25 each session.

Single one hour lessons....................... $40 each session.

Package of 5 lessons........................... $160 (20% discount added).

Package of 14 lessons.......................... $420 (25% discount added).

Package of 48 lessons (year)............... $1,344 (30% discount added).


At any given time there are several horses available for lease.  There are half and full leases that include a weekly hour lesson and training if the horse needs it.  Price is dependent on the skill level and value of the horse, whether the horse needs training, and whether the horse is boarded in the barn or a dry lot.

Please contact Abby for information if interested. 

Upcoming Events

Friday, May 4 at 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Saturday, May 5 at 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
Friday, May 18 at 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Saturday, May 19 at 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

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